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    Unanswered: Report IF THEN statement

    I have a rpt that is generated by a form that the user enters data. Some of the data is in the form of check box. For example The user will be requesting several documents. Each document will have a check box and a date field for entering date when the document is received. In my report I have written code to prevent showing check boxes that are not selected, but I also want to prevent showing check boxes that are checked originally but have a date entered as being received. The code I'm using is;

    If AppReq.Value = True Then
    AppReq.Visible = True
    AppReq.Visible = False
    End If

    Can I put multiple criteria in the If line, such as

    If AppReq.Value = True & AppRecvd.value IsNull Then
    AppReq.Visible = True

    This is to prevent the checkbox from showing once document is entered as being received? I want to keep track of the original request, that is why I don't want the user to simply uncheck box, that would be to easy...

    I am very neew to code and hope that there is a simple solution. Any help appreciated.

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    why hide on future displays of the form or report?
    you can display the column and inhibit changes with the enabled property. You can set properties at any time but you would want set these proprties after the form update event and on form current event. the former sets the values after you've updated the record and the user has comiitted the changes the latter when you chaneg a record the new values are set

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    Uncluttered report...I am trying to keep my report, which is sent to clients very clean and un cluttered. As for the form, I intend on leaving all info visable.

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