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    Red face Unanswered: Database Synchronization


    I need some guidance dears.
    Here in my office we are using Sql Anywhere 8.0, and my task is to replicate / synchronization databases,

    At the moment I am trying it out on my office locally using "Sql Remote" method!
    I have copied the database from the server to two laptop, same copy of database on both, now I would like to replicate / synchronization both the databases. I am trying with "file" message type, but
    I don't know some concept like "Sql Remote Environment Variable"?
    Which parameter we set using "Set Remote option" in Isql?
    How to implement "File sharing system" between these laptops? Is it simple folder with sharing property chosen? When we create remote user it need "Remote user address" which address should we give for it? What is publisher address? When we use "dbremote" to send updated data from consolidated database, then where should we write command to receive data on remote or consolidated database? Do I need Message Agent and File Sharing at Remote Database?

    Please correct / guide me.

    Thanks for your help.

    Priyanka Kohli.
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