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    System Developer, Analyst or MIS (PR)

    Looking for a new job in Puerto Rico

    Expertise: VB, SQL Server, Crystal Report and MS Office
    Education: BA-MIS in UPRRP
    Experience: 5 years

    I analyze, create, review, and modify programming systems including encode, testing, debug and install. As part of any analysis I consult with users to identify current operating procedures, find out about business rules, user needs, and to clarify program objectives. I also have experience developing relational databases with constraints, triggers, and stored procedures to ensure data integrity and business rules compliance. I write documentation to describe program development and logic. And I also write manuals for users to describe operating procedures and give support to clients, internal and external. I have stayed in charge of the IT department, while the IT Director is on vacation, managing the internal requests to the department setting priorities and assigning resources.

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    Washington DC area

    Unhappy Where?????????????????????????????

    What city?

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    San Juan or near by
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