Can anyone help me with the solution to this very elementary exercise?
I want to convert this table into 1 normal form, then 2NF and finally 3NF. I am trying to devlep a relatively easy quiz for some beginning dbase design students. My goal is to have an elegant solution to provide them.

ID L_Name F_Name School Class Phone Age Course_Grades Instructor
1 Smith Tracy SanJ Soph x412 15 Chem_A, Engl_C Lund,Young & Joe
2 Balvin Bruce LaSer Jr x332 17 Germ_B, Hist_A Shehy,Smith&Long
3 Smith Tracy ElComn Fr x212 16 Span_A, Geo_D Pavan,Young&Joe
4 Bolt Jim SanJ Fr X875 16 Art_A,Eng_B Long,Honda,Foss

Any assistance is helpful.