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    Question Unanswered: Ingres ABF Source Control

    We still develop application in Ingres ABF.
    We use a tool which front-ends SCCS to provide version control of all of our OSQ and also the ABF frames.
    We are currently migrating to Sun Solaris, and are unable to port the tool. (I/Code manager.) Currently we are left with pure SCCS which is a real pain.

    What do other people use for source control under ABF?

    I am aware that Open Road has its own source control built in, but ABF does not contain this feature.



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    Currently we use RCS for abf source control, at my last company it was SCCS.

    Out of curiosity what is wrong with pure SCCS? If you dont like using SCCS commands there are several gui front ends available. CVS is another that would be worth you checking out.


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