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    Question Unanswered: What's the best SQL book for an intermediate level database programmer?

    In May of this year I graduated from Penn State with a BS in IST (Information Sciences and Technology). Right after graduation I got a database programming job with a company that uses Delphi 6 and MS SQL Server 2000.

    I've been working with this company for six months now but I'm still not very good with SQL. I can do basic SQL queries and table joins (as well as use datetime functions and cursors), but I'd say I'm only at an intermediate level (at best).

    So... I'm looking to learn more about SQL. I'm guessing a good SQL reference book would help, but I'd really prefer a good book that actually teaches you and guides you along. The only problem is that I don't want a basic/beginner level SQL book since I already know all of the basics.

    Can anybody recommend anything for me?


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    There is the gurus guide to TSQL by Henderson and a book about building a web enabled SQL Server site step by step - dont recall excat title. Dont bother with any deep books like SQL Server Internals etc - these are for propellor heads only.

    Best advice - map out a small project for yourself that uses lots of inserts & deletes and keeping track of movement / changes of data.

    That way you'll learn as you do it. Also, get a copy of SQL for home & play with it there too - fastest way to learn.

    I had to basically do it & go looking for problems that other people had - then create a solution. Thats really the best way. Nothing succeeds like experience.



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    Just check out this thread. There was a lot of discussion on books fro SQL Server.

    Hope this helps u.

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