If anyone could help me on this i would really appretiate it.

It's basically a stupid problem, that i am really not understanding.

I'm making a query on a table named 'News'
In this table 2 of the fields i have are:
date type DATE
news type TEXT

I am now making a query, and adding a 3 column.
On this 3rd column i want to add a few words to the TEXT variable.
And that's when my problem starts!

If i had 2 char variables, i could do like 'abc' + 'def' and i would have the result 'abcdef'.

But how to add a few lines of text to a TEXT data type variable???
Can't find the solution anywhere. Just a few words on the end of the TEXT variable.

Basically what i will want after that problem is solved is to convert the data to string and add it to the news TEXT variable.... simple as that.... on every line.

This should be simple, except i don't know what are the TEXT data type OPERATORS and FUNCTIONS...

well... i think this is simple now to understand... but in any case I'll be around to explain better anything you need to help me.

Thanks in advance to all!