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    Unanswered: Installing Oracle and SQL Server on the same box

    I know this is a bad idea overall, but I was hoping someone could identify any technical issues I will (might) experience that would make this a deal stopper for my organization.

    (Hardware allocation is never what it should be #sigh#)

    Much Appreciated.

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    The OS never cares what application(s) runs on it, as long as enough h/w resources exist (CPU, RAM, disk, network, etc.).
    In and of itself, it is not a Bad Thing (TM).
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    We have sybase and oracle running on unix boxes.

    I have MS SQL Server and Oracle running on Win 2000 box for testing purposes.

    I agree with previous comment. However, where it creates more work for DBAs will be design and layout fo disks, memory allocation/restriction, etc.

    Someone should perform cost versus performance analysis based on your database requirements (size, users, etc) to determine if this should be a show stopper.

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