Hi friends,

We just migrated oracle8i into oracle9i and oracle web server.How do I connect to Oracle database and oracle web server if it is installer window active directory server with windows authentication? here are the my ideal:

1) window active directory server -- Authentication should tie in to Windows Active Directory. I would like to not have a separate user list / password list on the Oracle server, it should just call into the Active Directory for authentication.
2) The process needs to be secure.
3) If the user can log in, using their Windows logon information that is already entered (I think that's what Windows Authentication Mode does) then that is a plus, BUT it must not be tied to IE only. If possible, I would like this to support IE, Opera, Firefox, etc. We should probably have 2 options here- 1 for IE only, will pass the password automatically, 1 for other browsers, that will pass the info if possible but is not guaranteed to do so.

4) how to set up a Active Directory working for authentication to access oracle database?
any instruction in step by step will be appreciated.
Thanks for any help!!