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    Unanswered: QMF Batch - NULL

    I am trying to import a table (table2) from a exported data file (Filename) using QMF.
    This data file was created from the below mentioned query.

    Select A,
    'XX' AS C,
    from Creator.table

    The attribute C is created as NOT NULL when I export data to a file using QMF.But in the table where I am trying to import the data , the field is defined as NULL.Because of the NULL mismatch I am not able to run the QMF command IMPORT TABLE Creator.table2 from 'Filename' to load data.

    I get the error message "This table and source data set do not match"
    Is there a way I can defualt the NULL definition for field "C" in my data file?

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    Import the data back into a table where the column allows nulls (such as the original table). Then issue the following statement:

    update Creator.table
    set C = 'XX'
    where C is null;

    Then try the export and import again into the table that does not allow nulls.
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