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    Unanswered: Doubt related to Oracle 9i AS.


    I am Oracle DBA, but I need some instructions from you – oracle developers- related to how implement reports from Oracle 9i Application Server Enterprise built on Sun Solaris 9.
    Nowadays, my client is using Oracle Reports Server that comes with Oracle 9i AS, but he wants to substitute the Oracle Reports Sever to another software (a cheaper one) so he will be able to decrease the Application Server Enterprise to a Standard edition.
    The reports here are constructed under Oracle Reports, and these reports are accessed from a web application.
    The flow here is:
    The user requires the report in a web page from internet.
    The user inputs the parameters in the web page.
    So the client machine sends this to the apache server, that constructs the sql statement or calls a procedure stored in the database server.
    The return happens in this same way until the user sees its report on the screen in a pdf format.
    Now my client wants from me 2 or 3 detailed suggestions to substitute this architecture
    that involves so many softwares and servers to a cheaper and simpler one. My target is to remove out the Report Server, and suggest other tools which can do the same.
    So, as I am dba, can someone there help me please with any hint????
    Thank you all,


    PS: My client does not want to remove the Oracle Application Server and neither the Sun Operational System from the present architecture. These two will not change….

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    AFAIK, if the reports are built using Oracle's iDS or C/S 6i "Reports", Oracle's Repotrs Server is required to run them via the web.
    >So the client machine sends this to the apache server, that constructs the sql statement or calls a procedure stored in the database server.
    Apache is a DUMB piece of s/w and does NOT know how to do this.
    Apache only knows how to "serve HTML formated text pages".
    IMO the lowest cost s/w solution is to roll your own using Java & JSP's.
    Of course what you save in the cost of the software you could end up spending many times more in programmer/report developer costs.

    Simply put if you decide to eliminate Oracle's Reports Server, then
    you have to rewrite ALL existing Reports using the replacement technology.

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    There's a cool reporting tool out there which delivers output in DHTML format, convertible to PDF, in which the reports look like something you would get out of Word or the like: pagination being the key.

    We've been using it for 3+ years and are very pleased. Don't know that extent of the cost as compared to Oracle Reports, but ask them for a demo:


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    Do you think it is better to rewrite the reports?
    Sorry, in being insistent. But I didn't understand your reply completely.
    Maybe, because my englisy is not so rich as yours.

    What do you mean with:- "IMO"
    - "s/w"
    - "Oracle's iDS or C/S 6i "Reports"???


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    You don't need to answer my previous reply.
    Now I got the words....
    But answer this question:

    Ok, now it's clear that I will have to suggest some technologies in order to substitute Reports Server.
    But, my problem now is to find out at least the 3 best technologies in terms of costs, performance, and describe them in a documentation I'm prepairing to my client.
    Can you help me with that?

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