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    Unanswered: add value to variable

    I would think this is an easy question, but I haven't been able to accomplish what I'm trying to do:

    How can I add a value to a variable using the onClick event handler?

    I have:
    session("varname") = 0

    When a button is clicked in a form, (not the button that submits the form), I want to increment that value by 1. Can anyone help?


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    I am still learning this, but..

    You seem to be trying to mixed client-side user action with server-side variables, and I was told to use both ASP script and client-side script to play with this, and probably use a hidden object (e.g. <input type=hidden>) to store the value for transnferring betwwen client and server.

    Teach me if you have better way to do this.

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