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    Unanswered: Images (with 2 pages) on report

    I just prepared a small sample DB “Images_Stud.mdb”

    The attached Zip File “Images_Students.Zip” also has some sample images for testing purpose.

    Structure of this sample DB. Every teacher can get an Award letter.
    However, every award can have multiple pages.

    All award letters are scanned as a Tif file so I can save it as one file, instead of each page as a separate file. (In some cases the letter can be 40-50 pages)

    I have entered the some file names (Not Tif files) to the teachers table,
    So you should have problem viewing the images now.

    However, I wasn’t able to enter any of the attached Tif file named like “Teacher2”
    That has 2 pages. Because I’m getting errors that Microsoft doesn’t support it.

    I must have all images including all pages open on the same report.

    I know that this is not easy since I already spend several hours on this.
    However, since I’m using office 2003 and it has a lot of new features, maybe someone will be able to share with me a hidden feature.

    I was told by someone that this is impossible. However, I was also told that if I won’t give up I will find the solution.

    This report is a must for me, so if I can’t do it with just using Access I’m willing to buy 3rd party software.

    If you would like to try helping me,
    Just unzip the attached file to any location. The DB will automatically detect the file location and pull the images from there.

    Please note, file Teacher2 is has a . Mdi
    And Teacher3 has a .Tif

    I very appreciate your help.
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    I’m also attaching a small DB (I don’t remember where I got it from) that comes close to fit my needs. However, it’s using Microsoft snapshot and I can’t figure out how I can have all images including all pages open on the same report.

    It looks like that a good Active X will do the job.

    Thanks again
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