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    Unanswered: Returning to paradox, looking for supplementary programming tools

    Hello, it's been a few years since I've used Paradox. For information sake, I am quite familiar with the product and have done some pretty fancy programming.

    Now I'm returning to reengineer an old application written by someone else in paradox 8 into paradox 11 (12) with significant changes in functionality and cleaning up. I'm looking for the latest versions of supplementary programming tools.

    1. For enumerating source code, the Documentation Expert from Corel seems to work well. However, see question 2

    2. Is there a mechanism for doing global search and replace across Tables field names. E.g. change all "ThisApplicationID" to "GenericApplicationID"

    There is a third-party product in Microsoft Access (I shall wash my mouth about later with soap < grin >) called Find and Replace that has this capability of of changing a particular text string across all components of a Microsoft application. They can cheat of course because everything is in one MDB.

    I am still exploring the expert Search and Replace.

    3. Is there a tool to enumerate multiple tables and their fields in a directory, with various reporting capabilities.

    4. Anything else an old OPAL programmer could use?

    Regards and thanks in advance


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    Don't know of a 3rd party tool.

    There may be one out there. You can actually do it yourself by using object pal to restructure the table and change the field name on the fly. It is not a difficult script because once you go into structure mode the field names are in a single field and you simply call up a match or field assignment. Iterating throught tables in a directory should be fairly simple using an array to gather them and then using a for loop to move through them. Don't forget to capture the error if it tries to locate the field in a table where it doesn't exist which mich cause an error. Hope this helps a little.


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