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Thread: Database Desgin

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    Database Desgin

    Dear Friends

    I want to desing a database in which I want to Handel three things:

    1. Personal Information
    2. Studies (Academic Qualification)
    3. Family Details
    4. Job Histroy

    Looking these I come to know that above all are separate entities, Please help me how I can design a database for above mentioned entities.

    The problem is I have to Print a single report containing all above data.

    If I create a seperate table for each entity considering Peronal Info as Master table and rest all as Child tables, how can a write a single query containing all above information. If we consider one master and three detail tables, then join create a problem and correct data not obtained.

    Please help me in this regard, how can I solve this problem

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    What specific report output format do you want?
    And what Database and programming language are you using?

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    I need to understand a few things before I can be much help.

    1) When is this assignment due?
    2) What school are you attending?
    3) What class is the assignment for?
    4) What have you covered in class so far?


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    Dear RedAxl and Pat Phelan

    Thanks for your kind comments.

    I want to use SQL Server and Visual Basic and for reporting I will use Crystal Reports.

    No Pat, no assignment, no class, I acutally learning SQL at graduate level, thas why I have picked a dummy project just for testing my skills.

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    Books Online is your Bible.

    Start by searching for the SELECT statement, and read the sections related to it thoroughly, particulary the section dealing with JOINing tables.

    That will tell you what you need to know to combine data from different tables into one report.
    If it's not practically useful, then it's practically useless.

    blindman "sqlblindman"

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