Hi Guys

I know you might find this an easy question, but i'm new to Sybase and have created a 2 node cluster on Windows NT with Microsoft Cluster Server and my cluster failover is fine. I have Sybase 11.9.2 installed.

I then created the groups and resources for ASE and got them to failover to NODE2 properly and they remain online.

My problem is that from a workstation, from DSEDIT, i put in my ASE server name and the server address is the cluster IP i can ping fine and logon with SQL Advantage to my database.

But when i failover to NODE2 i cannot ping that cluster ip adress but then put in the Sybase virtual server ip and that works.

According to the white paper from Sybase, it's supposed to use the virtual server ip and not the cluster ip, but on NODE1 that is the only way it will connect.

Can anyone PLEEZE tell me what i'm doing wrong. i have the right network names and different ip and cannot find my fault.

Thanks a million,