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    Unanswered: Crystal Reports 10 - Exporting to Excel (2002)

    While exporting to excel in Crystal Reports V10, we are facing many alignment problems. Following are the issues.
    a. After exporting to Excel sheet, 'work sheet' name is not getting populated with 'Crystal Reports title' and instead, showing just as 'sheet1' itself. Despite of defining the 'report title' in 'FILE|Summary Info|Title', it is still showing as 'sheet1' itself. Where as in V8, it is showing the report title correctly. We are using Excel 2002 version.

    b. Problem in 'Field Headings' exporting also. They are not getting aligned properly as per the properties defined in Crystal Reports V10 'Report Header' section.
    Where as in V8 exporting, in the exported excel sheet, they are getting aligned as per the defined properties in the 'report header' section.

    c. A few 'database fields' are defined
    and in the middle of the database fields and formula fields,
    a 'sub report' is included in the 'Details' section, in the same row. Subreport is having 2 fields.

    While exporting that report to excel using crystal report V8, field alignment is proper. ie., all fields
    are coming in the same single row. ie., database fields, sub report fields, formula fields all are coming in the same row.

    Where as in V10 exported output, database fields are coming in one line and subreport fields are coming in another line, starting from the column where the subreport is inserted.

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    I took a look on the internet for you and found a white-paper from Business Objects on exporting from Crystal 10 to Excel. They say that the export conditions you are seeing are by design (intended) and therefore I'm not sure what you can do about this.

    Here's the excerpt:
    Subreports and Cross-Tabs do not appear on the Same Row:
    This is by design, as the size of Cross-Tabs and Subreports is dynamic; therefore, a separate row is given to these objects so they can expand without interfering with the alignment of other fields.

    Here's the white-paper (go to the very last page):

    Regards - Andy

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