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    Unanswered: Problems with OLE DB informix and stored procedures

    I am trying to run a report through Crystal Report Application server that keeps crashing with the following Informix error:

    Query Engine Error: 'Error -404: The cursor or statement is not available.

    The reports work fine in 8.5 desktopviewer and in the version 10 report designer. The problematic report uses a complicated stored procedure with 87 variables and 7 passed parameters. The database is Informix 7.30 and the reports use a direct connection ("Informix Online Server" in Crystal designer).

    One of the things that Crystal advised us to try was use to OLE DB. I installed an OLE DB provider from the Informix 2.81.TC3 Client SDK. I made a udl file using GibSoft db utilities and can connect to the database using that package and crystal. I can execute queries and can use simple sql to return reports in Crystal with the OLE DB connection.

    The problem is with stored procedures while I can execute a stored procedure dirctly in sql window using execute procedure utilites('blah','blah','blah',...) I can't browse the procedure properly with the DB package and adding the procedure to a report does not show the return values. This leads me to believe there is some problem with OLE DB and stored procedures with Informix 7.30. I am looking for insight into this problem and possible work arounds for crystal.


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    Please test at times passes that a commit closes cursores that were previously open.

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    I think the problem is more basic then that. When trying to browsing stored procedures using the OLE DB connection I am not getting parameter values expressed correctly and don't see columns for return values at all.

    Both ODBC and the native connection provide the right information about a simple stored procedures parameter and return values.

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