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    Unanswered: SQL 2000 Enterprise or SQL Standard 2003

    I need to max out on RAM somewhere around 3 to 4 GB and I am using SQL 2000. Standard SQL 2000 RAM is limited to 2 GB. SQL Enterprise 2000 is maxed out around 32GB and it cost is $1K. I need to purchase a Windows based SQL package but I can't find the specs on SQL Standard 2003 (which is ~$700) to compare.
    What is the Max RAM for SQL Standard 2003?
    Which is a better purchase relative to RAM?
    What O/S is recommended as this also limits RAM usage?

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    I'd start by reading this article from Microsoft's web site. It is an excerpt from Ken Henderson's book, and I think that it covers this material very well.

    After you read that, you'll be able to ask much more specific questions. Those we can probably answer with less complex answers!


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