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    Question Unanswered: Urgent....Getting Total...Plzzzzzz help me...

    Hi All,
    I am selecting Maximum of utilization fom one column from a database table,on per day basis.(i.e. for single day it will select maximum,then for other day it will select other maximum,and so on).
    Now,I want to add all these selected maximum values and also count the value of number of there Maximums.
    Is there anyway to Add all these selected Maximums ?
    And to get average of these values ?
    Thanks in advance,
    Chandresh .... I am

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    Sum(Fields!TOTAL1.Value, "DataSet1") + Sum(Fields!TOTAL2.Value, "DataSet1") + ..
    (put this in textbox to display)

    TOTAL1 and TOTAL2 is your MAX value that you have now, depending on which DataSet you want the value to come from

    I'm not sure about the Average, sorry.

    Hope these help

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