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    Lightbulb Need some advice


    I must design a dts or somelike that does the following!

    We have 2000 machines in europe which sends logfiles every hour to an ftpserver at our main office, the logfiles are in xml format!
    What is the best and more important stabil way to get these record into the SQL 200 server? The logging from the machine goes on 24/7 and the amount of machines is growing every day.

    I used an dts script to import the files from the ftp but it is totally onstable!

    Thanx in front!
    Cheers Wim

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    This strikes me as more of a question for the Microsoft SQL Server forum than here, but I can see why you might post it here too.

    With that said, DTS has been absolutely rock solid for me once I get my packages completely debugged. I've had trouble with packages that violated some rules of Windows/databases that I hadn't discovered yet, but it has been years since I've had a problem that I could trace back to the tool itself (those problems were fixed in SQL 7.0 sp2).

    While you could certainly re-engineer the process, which would make it "fair game" for this forum, but I'd suggest working out the problems with your existing process using DTS. If you decide to work out the problems, I'd strongly suggest taking the issue to the other forum because you'll probably get better answers there.


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