I am trying to populate a mailmerge word document from an asp page.
I need to pass data picked up from a recordset into a word template and then email the resulting merged word doc to the user. The user does not need to see the Word Document until picked up as the email attachment

I can get the email part to work with a blank word document attachment but
when I put in the following code
I keep getting the error:
Microsoft Word (0x800A1772)
Word could not fire the event.

It appears the problem lies with the path. As I am only running this locally on my pc at present the code path I have is:

set MyWord = createobject("Word.Application")
MyWord.Application.Documents.Open "D:\siteweb\projsummaries\EnvUtil.doc"
MyWord.ActiveWindow.Selection.GoTo -1,,, "ProjectTitle"
MyWord.ActiveWindow.Selection.TypeText cstr (Recordset1.Fields.Item("ProjectTitle").Value)
MyWord.ActiveWindow.Selection.GoTo -1,,, "Countries"
MyWord.ActiveWindow.Selection.TypeText cstr(Recordset1.Fields.Item("Countries").Value)
Path2File = "D:\siteweb\projsummaries\EnvUtil" &(Recordset1.Fields.Item("ProjectID").Value)& ".doc"
MyWord.ActiveDocument.SaveAs Path2File
set MyWord = Nothing

set objMail = Server.CreateObject ("CDO.Message")
objMail.AttachFile Path2File
objMail.To = (Recordset2.Fields.Item("email").Value)
objMail.From = "Intranet@plc.co.uk"
objMail.Subject = "Project Summary attached"
objMail.TextBody = "Project ID: "&(Recordset1.Fields.Item("ProjectID").Value)& ""
set objMail = nothing

I haved searched Microsoft help to no avail!