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    Unanswered: Change Msgbox font colour

    Hi Folks! I'm new around here and still finding my way around!
    Does anybody know if there's a way of changing font color for particular pieces of text used within Msgbox. Thanks.

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    I have a feeling that you eill need to set this up as a userform rather than a messagebox

    a quick test is

    add a cell to A1 and Add a number format with a colour
    i.e. "[Red]#,##0;[Blue]-#,##0"
    and then if you try these 2 lines
        MsgBox Format(Range("A1").Text, Range("A1").NumberFormat)
        Range("A2").Formula = Format(Range("A1").Text, Range("A1").NumberFormat)
    Notice how the msgbox remains black while the cell takes the colour of the range("A1")

    i Moght be wrong but this is the impression i get


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    Hi there,

    It is indeed not possible to use standard msgbox for formatting any messages. I also wished to have some part of my text that appears in message box to be bold and some in different colors, but it is not possible using msgbox as internally it uses the windows api for the message box, that does not support such formatting.
    You need to write your own message dialog using forms and the controls.



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