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    Unanswered: Backup/restore problem


    I have a database (PROD_DB) which is about 150 GB in size. This database contains about 510 user tables of which 2 tables have a size of about 30 GB and 25 GB respectively. I need to clone this database to another server (DEV_DB) for some specific reasons (dev/testing). I am short of space and since these 2 tables are basically history tables, I may not need these 2 table's data in my second environment (DEV_DB).

    Is there any way that I can achieve this without modifying anything on my production DB. I am using Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5 on sun solaris 5.8.

    I am a little confused how to achieve this
    Your ideas please?


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    U can try this

    Since a dump and load to the new server is not feasible because of space restrictions you can try to bcp out the table data from the main server and then bcp in the data of the required tables in to the test database.

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    ed barlow has some tools available for that task

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