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    Smile Unanswered: help!!!!!!!!!!

    i have a senrio to solve.
    can anyone help me as to how to do it.
    Digicam provides a range of digital cameras, camcorders, media and accessories to personal and business customers. The recent growth in the digital media market has meant Digicam has seen an exponential growth in its paperwork and has decided to implement a database management system (DBMS) to aid in the effective management and organisation of its business.



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    Hi David

    one thing we dont do here is do your homework for you,
    if your having trouble you should speak to your instructor,
    what might be answered is specific questions that you have encountered as long as you give your own attempt at answering it and explain what you think is going wrong,

    for your specific problem, think about what you need to do in real life i.e. what do i want to know and what information do i need to know this and that is usually a good start

    good luck with your assignment


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    Hello David,

    It's quite obvious that at this particular point, it isn't help you need but instead, perhaps some assistance as to what to do first. A lot of planning, concepts, and decision making will need to be put into action first. Several questions will need to be tossed and answered, such as:

    • What will be the overall requirements for the DBMS we want to create and will we allow for expansion of these possible requirements?
    • Will our DBMS contain integration will other needed office software packages and or systems (including networks of any kind), and what limitations will it contain?
    • What business components shall we place into out DBMS and will these components require individual priority, security, flexibility, etc.?
    • What client application should we use that will best suit our needs?
    • Will it be more cost effective if we develop this DBM System 'In House' or contract it out?
    • Are we up to, and capable of carrying out the task at hand?
    These are perhaps just a few questions that need to be asked, discussed and hashed out with the involvement of everyone, from data entry personnel, right to the corporate level.

    Each question raises several more and all will need to be answered then put onto paper before the first keystroke can be made.

    Your DBMS will contain several database (components) will need to work flawlessly hand-in-hand providing concise rapid storage and data retrieval. Although complicated, it must be easily managed by all those deemed worthy. The DBMS interface must be simplistic with access points carefully thought out. It can be quite a chore in itself just simply designing the DBMS interface.

    The task at hand can be as simple or as hard as you make it. Best place to start is with Paper.....not the Screen. Whether you create this project 'In House' or Contract it out, a scheme and scenario will need to be developed first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by yellow3
    i have a senrio to solve.
    Hi David and Welcome to the Forum.
    You say you have a scenario to solve, but never stated what the scenario is. Have you in fact created the database already or know what it will involve? Please do read what the other posters have just stated. Sounds like you are wanting to create a database for someone without even having first
    1. Discussed it with them
    2. Know what it is you are wanting to maintain in a database
    3. Best way to handle the information
    4. Best way to retrieve this data
    5. Logical breakdown of the information to be stored/managed
    6. Who will have access to this data both input and retrieval
    7. How long to keep the data, and if for long time, best way to archive it

    So so many things need to be done before you really need the assistance we can offer here. What we do here is help you with Specific problems with your database and any sticking points you may have. Sometimes can get a good leg up on which option to choose once you have all the facts straight and maybe want professional opinion on which route to take -vs- another. It is highly suggested you get all the grunt work done first before you decide you need to design the physical database with a program.

    Hope you take this and the others advice as just that. We're not being harse or anything, but this is actually food for thought. NOW, you know what you have to do. The scenario was Where To Start.... and now you know.
    Hope things work out for you and we are help to help when you get to a real helping point.

    have a nice day....

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