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    Unanswered: Multi User databases

    While I've used paradox for many years, I've never got my head around more than one user entering data at the same time.

    On a form I create a new record then allocate a URN to it. Yet if I have more than one user trying to enter unique records, 'confusion' happens - sometimes details from one record get entered into the other one. The data files sit on a Novell 3.2 server (antique, but it works), and we're using Paradox 9.

    I've never had the time to sort it out before, so any advice would be more than welcome.


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    Not enough information

    Since Paradox places locks on records during edit mode your form must be attempting to bypass some of those locks or you don't have it set up in client server mode. (I.e. common net directory) How are you creating unique record number via autoincrementing field. Have you made that the key field for the table?

    More details needed on what when and how.


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    (1) Make sure that LOCAL SHARE = TRUE on all machines, particularly if you access the application from "the server."

    (2) Make sure that the NET FILE DIR is set on all machines; that it uses a drive-letter and not a "\\unc\path\name"; and that when you edit a particular record on one machine you really can't edit the same record on another.

    (3) Make sure that you're using consistent, and current, versions of Paradox everywhere.
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