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    Unanswered: model db during restore

    Hello, i have no specific problem but i just want to know your opinion on the issue. Last week I tested my recovery scenario and after installing new server i successfully restored master db. Then I tried to start server, but it wouldn't come up because physical path of model db in master..sysdatabases table didn't correspond to the actual location of db on new server, so that tempdb couldn't be created from model db on server startup. I started server without recovering dbs with exception of master using trace -T3608. Now I hoped that I could restore model using MOVE clause but it gave me error saying that restore operation needs to use temporary table in tempdb. To break this vicious circle I used model db files from installation CD and put them to the expected location. After two restarts server accepted the files and I went on restoring msdb and user databases. But I'm sure I must be missing something and there must be better way to do this but i haven't been able to find anything relating to this problem. Thank you for your input. mojza

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    Go to Microsoft site and download the best practices anylyzer. Its very good for variables read on the database and could help in some other ways.

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