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    Unanswered: CR slow when adding new tables to a connection

    I can't understand what's going on with Crystal Reports.
    I'm doing something that should be simple and very quick, but it takes ages in reality.

    Here's my problem:

    I am simply adding a new table to my database definition (an ODBC connection to a MySQL database). When I select the tables, Crystal Reports is doing a "SHOW FIELDS" for that table (OK) and then a "SELECT (list of fields) FROM tablename" which is obviously taking ages since those tables have millions of records and are as huge as 4Gb of data (many blobs and text fields).

    Is there a way to tell Crystal Reports not to do a full query of the whole table? What's the point in executing that query at this stage when there's still no formulas or reports defined?

    Imagine my workstation that's first waiting for a very slow query to perform and then transfers every result through the LAN and tries to load 4Gb of raw data into something structured and then dies painfully

    Please help!


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    Well this is a complete guess, so don't laugh, but could it be that you have the option to 'Save Data with Report' turned on? It's in the File menu. I'm guessing that if you do, the report tries to compile the data before it runs (or something like that).

    Regards - Andy

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