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    Database design


    I need some designing a database which has(as far as I can tell) much information which i cannot logically group. I have attached my current database design.

    the database is for a club which wants me to produce reports based on this information. Basically the club has operational areas, which range from Diner to Bar, to Administration, To PokerMachines, To KENO, etc. Each area has labour information(hoursworked, labourdollars etc.) Some areas have Sales for the day(total amount for the day), other areas have sales for lunch and dinner. Some areas have no sales. Some areas have weekly turnover, and daily commission(stored as sales in my current design),

    poker machines has its own information which is solely related to that area,

    gym has its own information which is solely related to that area.

    Basically I am having trouble coming up with common rules that will relate to most if not all areas. I can flag an area as catering or sales, or non revenue, thats fine and lends itself well to the reporting that i need to do. However some sales areas have tax(GST) included and some do not( do I flag which is which) I am getting flags all over the place, which really sucks. Maybe I need a sales type? i dont know

    need help, is what i do know

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