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    Unanswered: Error in create sp

    hi every one

    when i want to create a stored procedure that contain character " with a ado component , i receive this error message :

    'Parameter object is improperly defined. inconsistent or incomplete information was provided.'

    but if i create this procedure from query analyzer , this sp creates successfuly.


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    My guess would be that the client side (probably VB) code doesn't properly escape the quotation mark, and since the Transact-SQL doesn't need to escape the quote it isn't a problem there. I'd suggest that you post the VB code you are using so that we can see if that is your problem.


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    It's the QUOTED_IDENTIFIER setting on connection object vs. your QA. On the client side set this setting to be the same as in QA (in Connection Options menu item in QA).
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