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    Unanswered: persist values on redirect

    I'm trying to accomplish the following. I'm trying to get the values for the table rows that are dynamically created to persist through the redirect.

    Referring URL:

    If you click on the "New Transaction" button it will generate a new row for
    the user to input information. I call a javascript function when the user
    clicks the "New Transaction" button that redirects to another page that
    processes some ASP code that builds a new row. I use a loop to create the
    table rows by incrementing a session variable everytime the user clicks on
    the "New Transaction" button.

    Here is the structure of the loop:
    Session("url") = 2
    Dim x
    For x = 0 to Session("TotalRowsB")
    <td><input name="yr<%=x%>" type="text" id="yr<%=x%>"
    value="<%=Session("yr")%>" size="5" maxlength="25"></td>
    <td><select name="strategy<%=x%>">
    <option selected>-select-</option>
    <td><input name="BA<%=x%>" type="text" value="" size="15"></td>
    <td><select name="BO<%=x%>">
    <option selected>-select-</option>
    <td><input name="origBA<%=x%>" type="text" value="10,000,000.00"
    size="15" maxlength="100" readonly="true"></td>
    <td><input name="IncrDecr<%=x%>" type="text" value=""

    The field names increment by one for every new row that is created. For
    example, the field "yr" would be "yr1", "yr2", "yr3" on each pass through
    the loop.

    Would cookies be the way to go on this? I was looking at the dictionary
    object? And sessions? But, I'm lost on the best way to hold the
    user's input when a new row is created.

    Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    I finally got it figured out...thanks.

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