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    Unhappy Unanswered: RSAM Version 5.10.UC1 -- Log Question

    Hi All,

    I have RSAM Version 5.10.UC1 server on AIX 4.1 .

    The problem is that when i issue the command tbstat -d it shows the following output

    address chunk/dbs offset size free bpages flags pathname
    300aab90 7 7 1 20000 92 PO- /link/PHYLOG_GIL
    300aac28 8 8 1 80000 892 PO- /link/LOGFILES_GIL

    and when i check the status of the logical logs using the command tbstat -l, the status of the logical logs are shown as free

    tbstat -l

    RSAM Version 5.10.UC1 -- On-Line -- Up 03:34:12 -- 36774 Kbytes

    Physical Logging
    Buffer bufused bufsize numpages numwrits pages/io
    P-1 0 8 33 6 5.50
    phybegin physize phypos phyused %used
    700198 19500 19292 0 0.00

    Logical Logging
    Buffer bufused bufsize numrecs numpages numwrits recs/pages pages/io
    L-2 0 8 3365 480 475 7.0 1.0

    address number flags uniqid begin size used %used
    3097f6b4 4 F------ 0 800648 2500 0 0.00

    fyi -- there are about 32 logical logs defined.

    Is this behaviour of informix server normal ?? Am i missing out on anything.

    Appreciate your time and view.


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    I assume you cut and pasted somethings, like the number of lines in tbstat -l. However everything looks fine. Is there a special thing you are worried about?

    Please let me know. But it is normal if the defined logfiles show all space used in tbstat -d (space is reserved for logical logs, so not free anymore).

    If you have any questions please inform me.


    Rob Prop

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