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    Question Unanswered: Oracle specific LPAD, RPAD Equivalent in DB2 UDB. Help Required--Matter Urgent

    Hi friends,
    I am trying to port an Oracle Database to DB2 UDB. I have a situation at hand, which demands that I convert a select statement with LPAD and RPAD functions to UDB. For the sake of clarity, the SQL Statement is as follows:

    insert into fgt_notify_queue(id,time_stamp,event_id,object_id, trigger_time,domain_id, flags)
    values( 'noque' || lpad(ltrim(rtrim(to_char( val))), 15, '0') ,xxnewts, xxevent_id, xobj_id, xnotify_on, xdomain_id, '0000000000');

    Kindly help me out as I am new to DB2 UDB and SQL-PL, I am an Oracle guy and have been handed over this task.

    Thanks in Advance.
    Manish Kumar.
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    Please read Must Read before posting. Number 3 is interesting.

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