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    Question Unanswered: Addition of columns in table, which one use in merge replication.

    Dear all participants,

    I manage complete online system for two locations, connected via dialup lease line. I have to used merge replication for the same data should be at both locations. It is working fine, I don’t like disturbe it but current requirement is addition of two column in one table which one as also use in merge replication.

    How I can add aforesaid columns in table x, column name c1 numeric , c2 character?

    What is impact on replication?

    Let me know step by step.

    Thanks in advance.

    Thanks R.Mall

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    Addition of columns in SQL Server

    I din't find any solution , let me explan anyone how I can go about additional column in MSSQL SERVER 2000, Whereas Table already used by system for multilocational merge replication.



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