Hey all,

I couldn't find an answer anywhere on the site, if there is one, could you please let me know where to go? Thanks.

Here goes. We receive large csv files, around a million records a month. What we need to do is:
- Of course, import these records
- Be able to run failry heavy reports on around 3 months worth of data (about 3 million records)
- Wanting to store at least a years worth of data

What I need to know:
- What server(s) spec (CPU, HDD, memory, etc) would we need to import and run reports quite fast. Don't want the reports/imports to take days to run. The reports will need to be run by about 3-5 people at the same time
- What OS and database type should I use (I was looking at Windows/Linux and MS SQL/MySQL)
- If we run these types of reports, can we use the same SQL server to run/store other applications (eg. CRM, etc) with no real impact on performance. There would be at least 20 people using the CRM database at the same time.