Hi all

I'm trying to set up a Reports 6i install remote install package and I found some useful information at the following website :-


However I was reading through it and thinking this is all great but then realised that it only gets up to the point where you select the custom option (here's an excerpt):-

Filename - FORMS.RSP
win32.installation_settings_content=list("Company Name","DEFAULT_HOME","c:\orant","English")
win32.which_product_content="Oracle Forms Developer"

Now what I want to do is install forms runtime, and was basically looking for a bit of assistance as to how to develop the install options to pick the correct components.

Now I haven't tried this process yet so I have no idea whether it works, or whether all I need to do to complete it is win32.install_option_content="FORMS_RUNTIME" or something similar but I thought I would post here before trying it out.

Has anyone done anything like this, and can provide me with a bit of assistance

Many thanks in advance for any assistance.

Kind regards