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    Unanswered: CheckBoxes on Report

    I have a report with several checkboxes on it. The user enters selects the checkboxes on a form along with other data. I have written code to show checkbox on report only if checked in form. The problem is with formating on the report. If a checkbox is not selected in form, it does not show up on report(which is what I want) but it leaves a blank space on report. Is ther a way to make checkboxes grow/shrink so that there is no blank space. Any ideas? Thanks in advance

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    There is no reason why, if you wanted to you, couldnt move the location of control(s) on the report on the fly depending on content. After all you can create controls on the fly so it should theoretically be possible to do this.

    Good Luck - I've never seen the need to do it so i've never tried it.
    You are opening up a whole area of complexity which I, even in my most nerdy nightmares, would be loathe to enter.

    in the detail format event insert some code which calulcates the offset
    assuming that a variable say nextpos (next postition) and gap (spacing between columns as a say 0.2) has been defined
    nextpos=lastfield.width+lastfield.left + gap
    if isValid=true then
    isvalid.visible = true
    isvalid.left= nextpos

    let us know how you get on......

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    Depending on where you have your CheckBoxes on your report. If they are below a line of data what you can do is go to the DetailSection Properties and on the FormatTab set CanGrow and CanShrink to YES. But like I said, that depends on where they are placed. Naturally if placed beside other data that function is useless. Only if they lie below the other data or between. That's how I had mine set up before.

    Hope this helps you out and it works for you.
    have a nice one,

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