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    Unanswered: Email Report from Preview Screen

    Can anyone offer any ideas on how I might enable a user to email a report directly from the Preview screen? The user wants to preview the report and then rather that closing it, clicking the Email option and reentering the criteria, she wants to simply email from the preview.


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    In the preview screen. do right click on the report, select 'Send To....Mail Recipient(as Attachment).

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    Hi JenChan101

    Once you get that all figured out, here is something that I created for a user that Emailed reports routinely within the company. It was done from a form that let's them decide which report to send. They would then click on the CommandButton which in turn would automatically send this report. The user already knew what the reports were, though the data contained changed everyday. It was a daily report of the Checks written out each day.

    Hope this helps some as well and have a nice one,
    BTW, This was done in a FUNCTION that I created.

    Option Compare Database
    ' modSendMainRpt_Bud
    Function modSendMainRpt_Bud()
    On Error GoTo modSendMainRpt_Bud_Err
        ' Sends a copy of the report to selected individuals.
        DoCmd.SendObject acReport, "rptChecksReleasedDateSelect", 
    "SnapshotFormat(*.snp)", "BUD", "", "",
     "Report for Checks Released Today", 
    "Here are the checks that were released for today.", True, ""
        Exit Function
        MsgBox Error$
        Resume modSendMainRpt_Bud_Exit
    End Function

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