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    Question Unanswered: Function Date() not recognised

    I keep getting this error message: function 'DATE' not recognised.
    It seems to only be a problem with Access 2000.
    How do I stop it from giving the error message without installing another version of Access
    thanks in advance

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    Go into the VBEditor and do a Compile (menu: Debug | Compile {database name}). It should show you where the error is.

    Check your References (menu: Tools | References). Make sure there are none that state they are MISSING. If there are, uncheck them. Also, make sure your DB is referencing (has checked) at least these items:
    • Visual Basic For Applications
    • Microsoft Access nn.n Object Library
    • Microsoft DAO n.n Object Library
    • Microsoft Windows Common Controls n.n
    Try changing the Date() function to the Now() function and see how that works.

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