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    Unanswered: oracle not working after restore

    Hello all...

    Im trying to restore a backup image that i used a symantec product to make. Now i want to restore that image to another server. (just incase the 1st server goes up in flames =) ). I've done the restore but oracle doesnt work the listener wouldnt start. i wrote detail info on what i did below....

    I have two server computers here.
    (A) - Dell poweredge 1400SC w/scsi
    (B) - Dell poweredge 1600SC w/scsi
    the 1400sc was bought around 2000
    and the 1600sc was bought this year. So the hardware config is different.

    server (A) is the old server, and server (B) new server. I made a backup image of Server (A) and proceeded to put this image onto server(B). After that was done i tried booting up server (B) but i would get the error of "inaccessible_boot_device" So i thought it would be the driver for the SCSI controller. So i popped in my windows 2000 CD, and proceeded to do a repair on the existing windows 2000 that was allready installed. I pressed F6 to install the drivers for the Scsi Controller card. After all the installation is done, i was able to boot the machine up. All my info seems to be there, but microsoft office wasnt working and the most important thing that i want to work is the ORACLE database. The database listener wouldn't want to start.
    Doing a repair might have effected the oracle registry settings.. but im not sure. Anyone here know??

    Anyone have any suggestions or comments on what i can do to make this work and get oracle back up and running?


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    Does the registry have anything with Oracle in it ???
    As with Microsoft Office, you may now need to reinstall the software since
    you have probably overwritten the registry with the 2000 reinstallation...

    If that's the case, reinstall oracle (do not create database) and see if you
    can bring the listener back up ... If so, you may then need to create a new
    oracle service (instance - oradim), then you should be able to bring the database up with the new instance ...


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    what about the ip-addresses or mnemonic names in listener.ora, tnsnames.ora? is your backup server setup with the same ip-address as A?

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    Well, you have messed up the things a lot, if the new server is of latest configuration then how the older backed up image will run on it, it will raise an incompatible issue. If you would have been upgraded the older server, then the things and situations would have been different. Anyways since the Oracle listener is not working then I guess the DBF and DAT files of your Oracle database have damaged or corrupted. Inbuilt utilities do have some relation with the registry, so it is better not to use them. The only way by which you can rectify this situation is using any third party software. Why don’t you try Oracle Repair to resolve the issue? This software is very effective and efficient tool which will repair your Oracle database without rendering the registry settings.

    Try it once and see the effect.

    All the best!

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