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    Unanswered: Installing Oracle 10g under Slackware LInux 10


    I downloaded Oracle 10g for Linux x86-32 but when I ran the installer it basically said that I needed RedHat.

    I don't want RedHat :)

    I think I've seen a post in this forum somewhere which implied someone had managed to install Oracle 10g on Slackware 10 and so my question is "is it possible?".

    Any advice greatly received.



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    Google is your FRIEND!

    ./runInstaller -ignoreSysPrereqs
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    Slackware install

    I too am interested in installing Oracle on Slackware.

    I followed all the pre-installation steps ( Except having Redhat Linux )
    Running Ignore Sysprereqs worked to a point.

    During linking is where I had a problem... once for ctx lib ... fixed added to,
    and again for rdbms/lib ... here's the problem there aren't any .so files here... I figure that means it needs to be compiled... but I couldn't get the make file to run.

    Error from Oracle Universal Installer:
    Error in invoking 'ishsodbc ctx_on' of makefile /oracle/app/oracle/OraHome_1/rdbms/lib/

    Seeing that I tried to run the make file manually:

    Error that occurred from Make:
    oracle@libertas:/oracle/app/oracle/OraHome_1/rdbms/lib$ make -f /rdbms/lib/ No such file or directory target `ksms.s' given more than once in the same rule.
    make: *** No rule to make target `/rdbms/lib/'. Stop.

    If anyone can clue me in to how to fix this I'd appreciate it greatly. (other than running red-hat. I need the slack machine and don't have another machine handy.... besides nothing wrong with slack.)


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