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    Question Unanswered: Export Acess Database to dBASE III

    Hello All,

    This seems like an easy thing to do and I have spent all afternoon trying to get it to work and can't. I'm using Access 2003 (also tried with Access 2000) open a database; select a table and choose to EXPORT it to a dbf file (dbase III). The dbf file is created but when I go to open it with dBASE III I get the message 'Not a dBASE database'.

    I used to do this in previous versions of Access (I *believe* '97) and it worked flawlessly each time.

    I've used XP and WIN2K OS and get the same result each time.

    Anyone have any idea how I can get Access to export a table that I can open with DBIII?

    (By the way... I can link or import dbase III files INTO Access OK)

    Thanks in advance.
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