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    Unanswered: echo problem

    I am a beginner in PhP
    I am running php an apache server

    Is this code correct? Is there a config problem I dont know about?

    echo "$username";
    when I go to http://myip/test?username=me
    I should recive a page with "me" on it. but I get a blank page instead. why?
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    I'm a n00b, so this is a shot in the dark...


    echo $_REQUEST['username'];
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Teddy's right. It has to do with global variables. Originally your method would have worked - because PHP automatically made all of your $_REQUEST, $_GET, $_POST etc items into normal variables.

    Now you actually have to point to the array. (instead of just $PHP_SELF to get the name of your script - you need $_SERVER['PHP_SELF']).

    As you've passed the username as a GET variable (in the URL - as opposed to a POST form) - you can refer to it as $_GET['username']. The $_GET is more specific (as you know the variable is being taken from the URL).
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    thanks, this worked fine.
    I set the "global variables = on" to make MY code work..

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