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    Unanswered: Automation on SQL Server

    Hello Experts,

    I am a New Bee in SQL.I would like to know,As a System Admin I would like to automate the task of keeping the SQL Server up to date with latest Service Packs and Patches.
    Is there any procedure / Software where I can automatically download the patch / sp's from the site and install on the servers or maybe schedule the task for every month.

    I would appreciate a reply from the experts

    Best Regards


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    I don't know of any way provided by Microsoft, but there are third party products that will do that. I would very strongly recommend against using an automated update for MS-SQL except in very limited circumstances.

    SQL Updates often require minor modifications to existing code or to operations procedures because the service packs change the way that the server itself works. Because SQL is the most customizable of the server products, the impact of the service packs need to be considered before you apply the service pack, not dealt with after you've applied it!


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