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    Unanswered: Switchboard

    I found a thread some time ago on how to add more than 8 buttons on the switchboard. It worked great. I added 3 additional buttons totalling 11. I am trying to add a 12 button, but having problems.

    I have mutiple switchboard pages for access to different areas of my db. The problem with the 12 buttin is that no matter what switchbrd page the user accesses the 12 button is visable. I have matched all properties on other buttons that only appear in the appropiate switchboard page, but still having a problem. Any ideas? Am I limited to 11 buttons? I can't find the original thread that I used to create the additional buttons and am doing it froim memory. MAybe I'm missing something. HELP


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    Im not sure how to answer your problem as i am an analyst rather than a developer, but to get to your previous post view your subscriptions under your user profile, to get there check the top of the screen

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    Follow these steps to add more than 8 items to the Switchboard Form:
    Do this on a backup of your database first!

    1. You need to create additional command buttons and labels
    to match the number of items you want. Easiest way to do
    this is to highlight the last command button and label and
    select Copy. Then Paste them onto your form to create
    additional ones. Now make sure you change the name of the
    NEW command button(s) to Option9, Option10, etc. Also
    change the name of the NEW labels to OptionLabel9,
    OptionLabel10, etc.

    2. Now go to the properties area of each new command
    button. In the click event, enter the following:
    =HandleButtonClick(9), =HandleButtonClick(10), etc. to
    match up with your selection. Do exactly the same thing
    for the Click event of the labels (unless you turned those off).

    3. Now go to the code behind the Switchboard form. Scroll
    down until you come to this line in the FillOptions Sub:
    Const conNumButtons = 8
    Change that number to 9, 10 or whatever you need.

    4. Compile the code, save and close the form.

    Now if you use the Switchboard Manager interface you are
    still restricted to 8 items. To add more you have to add
    the entries manually into the Switchboard Items Table.
    Shouldn't be hard to do if you take a few minutes and see
    how the records are entered. You can EDIT more than 8
    entries from the Wizard, but cannot ADD more than 8.

    The forms you see displayed are actually from one of the
    wizard libraries on your system. You cannot change these
    forms and code so you are limited to what the original
    developers created. If you really start requiring more control
    and/or complexity, then it is time to build your own
    Switchboard-type main form.

    I have an Advanced Switchboard Manager that will allow
    up to 12 entries using the interface, but it only works on
    Access 97 at the moment. I'm having some difficulty
    making it work for later versions due to one small problem.


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    THanks...I had forgotten about the code behind switchboard. Everything working great

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