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    Unanswered: entries through combobox in SQL db using asp

    hello everyone
    i am new to ASP. could anyone one help me on
    could anyone tell me how i could send entries into SQL data base using dropdownlist.

    i am using this code.......
    <td align=right>DOB</td>
    <td align=right>:</td>
    <td align=left>
    <select name="YEAR" >
    <%for j=1970 to 2005 %>
    <option value=<%=j%>><%=j%> </option>

    <select name="month">

    <% for k=1 to 12 %>

    <option value=<%=k%>><%=k%></option>

    <select name="Date">

    <% for i = 1 to 30 %>
    <option value=<%=i%>><%=i%></option>


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    Probably the best thing for you is a few references to read up on:

    Look for Serverside Scripts on the left hand menu and you will find Learn ASP link there.

    Nice place for free scripts and tutorials.



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