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    Exclamation Unanswered: Please Help me with Update dbf files

    Plz Help me!!!

    I have 1 file dbf named : ob.dbf. That runing on two computers. So two users complete the empty records with values. The dbf have about 1000 filds(name of peoples ), but the birthday date its empty. so the first user complete to 1 - 500 records with values(birthday date), and the seconds complete for 500 - 1000(birthday date). so a have the 2 file named ob.dbf(1-500) and ob1.dbf(500-1000).

    i need to update the 2 files in one, like ob2.dbf (1-1000).

    its a program who do this or i need to make a .prg to run in fox pro 2.6 for dos?

    Txs alot.

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    All you should have to do is "USE" the OB.Dbf table and then issue the APPEND command to append all the records from the OB1.DBF table into the OB.Dbf table.

    for example:

    ObPath = "c:\data\John\"
    Ob1Path = "c:\data\Jim\"

    USE (ObPath + "Ob") IN 0 SHARED

    APPEND FROM (Ob1Path + "Ob1")

    That is all there is to it !

    Let me know if you need more help !


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