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    Unanswered: adding new records

    Can anyone plz help me with this problem. I have tables based on months and other information table that is related to these tables. Now when i add a new record that is meant just for that particular month, it shows in other tables too. So cant we restrict the new data for that particular table. secondly if i change some info already present, it also changes in all the other tables. Plz I would greatly apprecaite if anyone can help. tx in advance.

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    Please post your current schema so we can get a better feel for what you're talking about.
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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    Well thanku for ur reply, its that the tables as i said are based on monthly accounts. and all r related to a table which have its users information. so when i want to add a new user it shows in all the tables where as i want it in the table its been added to and the others remains the same. And also if any change is to be done lets suppose in october table the sept and tables bf them should show the unchanged one and the rest of the months ie nov and dec etc shows wht follows in oct. I hope u get my point.
    So plz help me im really confused here.
    Tx in advance

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