The problem is a little complicated and I am unable to explain. But could you please give me an idea as to how to store journal information in a database.

For eg, we have a journal (called JHR) with 4 issues and each issue is published every quarter. The issue numbers were 39.1, 39.2,39.3,39.4. The rates for 4 issues was $45.00. Many members also renewed their subscription to next 4 issues. Let's say: 40.1, 40.2, 40.3, 40.4. The member renewed at $45.00 rate. Now the fee has been increased to $47.00. So, I have to generate a report for each issue with the breakup rates.

Eg; Count of people who paid at $45.00 * 45/4

Count of people who paid at $47.00 * 47/4

Could you please help me with this?

Cureently I have a members table that store, contact info and the final JHR issue the member receives and amount paid

I have another table that stores JHR Rates:

Rate, FIrst Issue , Last Issue
$45 39.1 39.4
$47 40.1 40.4

I am having a problem in storing this information and genertating a report for each issue. I also need to generate a mailing list for each issue.

Thank you for your help,