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    Unanswered: horizontal continuous forms ! How?


    New to access db design, and would like to display a continuous form horizontally rather than vertically! So that the records scroll horizontally that is. Giving an excel spread sheet effect.

    Is this possible at all?

    If so any help would well received.


    Thought I would ad an example

    existing layout

    ----- new record ---
    ----- newrecord---
    etc etc etc

    I would like to have this layout, scrolling horizontally through the records

    data1 ! data1.2 ! etc ! etc ! etc
    data2 ! data2.2 !
    data3 ! data3.2 !
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    Pivot Table View may do what you want? Create your form then right click and select "Pivot Table View" select fields and place in Row / Colum sections of the design grid to get the desired output.


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    Thanks for the suggestion Bill

    Unfortunately the Pivot table is not doing the job as the data needs to look exactly the same, and I cant seam to achieve this with the pivot view.

    To go into more detail of what I would like.

    If you can imagine a list down the left hand side where data is inputted

    data 1
    data 2
    data 3

    I would like to then display the previous records ( say the last 3 records ) to the right of this list in a sub form which would not need to be editable. i.e.

    data (new data to be input 1) ! data 2.1 ! data 3.1 ! data 4.1
    data (new data to be input 2) ! data 2.2 ! data 3.2 ! data 4.2
    data (new data to be input 3) ! data 2.3 ! data 3.3 ! data 4.3

    I was thinking using 4 sub forms to achieve this, but if the records could be displayed horizontally only one sub form would be needed. Which would be more desirable.

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    I guess by the lack of responce, this is not possible to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fingers
    I guess by the lack of responce, this is not possible to do.

    Hi Fingers and "Welcome to the Forum"
    I am not quite sure but have you looked into setting your SubForm as DataSheet ? That might be what you want as it resembles a spreadsheet type of view, much like when you create the Table itself. So after you do your MainForm you place your SubForm inside of it and set it to DataSheetView.

    hope this is what you need, and enjoy the Forum
    have a nice one,

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